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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas is starting early this year! With a whirlwind of shopping that started at 4:00 am waiting for a portable DVD player for Tyler...yes grandma love you!
I woke Joel up at 3:30 am and off we went. I had a great spot being 5th in line for the player...Joel headed towards the entertainment section looking for a GPS System. (Does it sound like everything I want comes with initials?) Joel came back to wait with me when he couldn't find the item he wanted...who would quess sporting goods?
People kept coming and circling the box of players...So much for the line! With 5 minutes to go the clerk declares that the cases were on the side I was on and the players were on the other side. She couldn't have told us that an hour ago! Then she started to take the lid off...People started diving in! I bent over to reach the player and I kid you not women came over my back. As I'm bracing myself with one hand and one hand on the players and yelling that I'm getting squashed, Joel steps back to let it all happen.
I was determined to get the players. Vickie couldn't even get close so I was grabbing some for her too! I stood up with 3 players and 2 cases. Alive and Well!
Then it was off to Cleveland for the rest of the day and no more excitement until Erica started running to the bathroom with vomiting and diarrhea! Trying to round all of us up to get Erica home proved to be the last stressor for the day!

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