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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tyler's calling!

It's so fun to get a phone call from Tyler!

eee, aaa, blah, blah, blah!

We usually get at least one phone call a day! He doesn't usually talk a lot to me, but boy can grandpa get some sounds out of him!

Tyler got caught this morning calling grandpa when grandma wasn't supposed to be home! What! I didn't know they call when I'm not hear cause Tyler likes to talk to grandpa! Boy, mommy has to wiggle out of that one!

Tyler's spending the 4th of July weekend with us and I can't wait! He's on the move now so it's getting a little harder to keep him occupied, Oh, I see a toy run in my future! Don't tell grandpa!

Craft chosen for Christmas In July Craft Group:

I received this as a Christmas Gift from Kelley in 2007. I absolutely loved it! Kelley, getting my name in the Christmas Exchange at work is always awesome! She knows me so well! I think she should get my name every year!

I will be teaching the craft group this snowman on July 28th. I've been purchasing the supplies and I'm so -ooo excited. The theme is Christmas in July. I'll be posting some of my ideas for the group throughout the month...so keep checking back.

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