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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WOW....It's been awhile.....

It's really been awhile since I published!

I'm now on a 2 week vacation from work and spent the first 3 days enjoying spending time with my daughter and grandson. Needless to say I'm his favorite.....Ok, I know it's my version of being his favorite....But, everytime he's sees me he gets the biggest smile on his face.

We spent yesterday doing a photo shoot for his 6 month old pics. Of course you couldn't have asked for a better baby! He even got to do 2 different settings cause he was cooperating so well! I quess I know where my next pay check will be going!

Can you believe something this cute would scare a baby to death.....2 weeks ago this toy, that Uncle Joel got Tyler scared him to death. We tried & tried to get him to play with it but he started shaking and that boo boo face would come out. This week he was totally different, talk about conquering your fears. He would sit and talk to it, try to kiss it and give it hugs. This is now one of his favorites.

Today, I took Tyler back to Canton to meet his mom...More grandma time, couldn't pass up buying the toy he found to be his favorite and some mesh shorts and t-shirts.....OK, Tony, I'm not gaying him up now! But, first we had to get a new pair of jeans...Amazing how an hour north is so much colder than it is here is southeast Ohio.

He'll be back July 4th to spend the weekend at the lake!

Ok, Have you all tried this! I'm addicted! This has got to be the best Sweet Tea here in Ohio! I still the orginal Sweet Tea from the South....but for us northerners this is amazing!

Craft Group has started....We had a lot of fun making ankle bracelets. This is a new group and we plan to meet 1 time a month. Next month, July - we'll be making crafts celebrating Christmas in July! I'm the hostess so I've got a lot of planning to do. I'll post pics of what we'll be crafting if anyone wants to join us.

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