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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Real Mess Up!!!!

This is my first attempt at making Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups. Obviously, it didn't work!

I love to get Cookie Cups at the Mall...I've been searching for awhile, for the filling...Last night, I searched on Nestle and low and behold a recipe for Cookie Cups. What I thought would be, one of the easiest cookies to make, has turned into a pile of a mess. Getting them out of the pan was not an easy task...I ripped the little cups to pieces. My loss - Bob and Jeremy's gain.

I greased the pan like they said, I baked them like it said and I let them cool, like they said.

My next attempt, just came out of the oven...Mini Cupcake Cups were used this round...I'll update more later!


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