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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We're Snowed In!

Janae at Cozy Coops, made a list of ten things they loved all starting with the same letter. I said I'd play along and Janae gave me the Letter L. If you'd like to play let me know:

1. Laughter - especially a baby's laugh
2. Loyalty - In a friend
3. Lip Gloss
4. Lake - I can't wait to get back to the camper for the summer season
5. Loving Husband Bob
6. Leaves in the fall, all the beautiful colors, taking rides through the back roads.
7. Life
8. Looking at a beautiful sunset at the Florida Keys
9. Laptop
10. Lunch - I love going to lunch and getting a break from work.

Super Bowl Mania!

Let me first say, that I am in no means a fan of the Steelers! I just like to watch the Super Bowl and the commercials that come with it.
It is a fun and spirited time...I will be watching, not rooting for anyone, but enjoying the event all the same.
This is a fun video for all you Steeler Fans: Enjoy


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