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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Snow Day!

Deana, Jodi, Angie, Joe, Kellie, Tebreigh, and Kaylea

(This group is great to work with)

Yesterday afternoon the snow started and it just kept coming! All of us at Help Me Grow were ready to celebrate...anticipating a snow day tomorrow~ which of course means a day off work and sleeping in, relaxing and keeping up with my blogging!

Waking up to below zero temperatures ~ believe me when they say "Baby, It's Cold Out Side"

this is what they're referring to! Tomorrow, we are expected to get even lower temperatures.

Joel and Brownie spending time in the snow! Brownie refused to go romping in the snow, doesn't like to get his paws wet ya know!

Just notified: Snow Day on Friday!!!!!!! This is just to good to be true!

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