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Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 26, 2008

Ok, I'm Hooked!

I love Lampwork Beads!

These beads were designed by Jen Zeiger, zbeads.com

Jen is co-owner of the Bead Boutique bead store in North Canton, Ohio. If you get a chance visit her web site or the stores site at beadboutique.us

Friday, February 1st is the next Girls Night Out at the Bead Stores. I will be attending with Vickie and Erica. Our beads are already ordered and we're excited to create anew jewelry masterpieces. Here's a clue of what I've picked....Can you say SUMMER!

The Three of us are also planning to take Lampwork Bead Making classes.....Can't wait to see what we'll be able to create!

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