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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Outside My Window - The sky appears grayish/pink the scene is of snowy ground, light reflecting off of it letting me see objects in the darkness.

I am thinking - About January plans for shopping and the Amish Country Pajama Party '10, this month.

I am thankful - that I didn't have to make visits today and got to stay in at work.

I am wearing - Still in my scrubs and can't wait to put my pajama's on.

I am remembering - About all the circle journals I've got to get out this week

I am going - to work tomorrow, call about starting a new craft, be ready to craft with Marla and Nonnie, get all my pending reports completed at work.

I am currently reading - Simple and Delicious Magazine.

I am hoping - for warmer weather, a perfectly peaceful weekend.

On my mind - How I wish my neck and back didn't hurt.

From my kitchen - Dishes need done, left overs need put away and a candle needs lit.

Around my house - Bob is snoring, Scruffy and Brownie are sleeping and Jeremy is somewhere around. the history channel is on the TV, a flicker of fire is in the fireplace and I've got the lights out so I don't have to see what I need to do around here.

One of my favorite things - Watching NCIS which I'm about to do and Starting the new season of American Idol!


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